Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Proverbs 31 Woman

Characteristics of the Proverbs 31 Woman:
* Works willingly and is a good steward over finances.
* Does chores diligently and makes sure that her family is well fed and groceries are stocked.
* Keeps herself physically fit. Works hard. Not afraid of physical labor. Takes care of her home and family.
* Productive and wise in business dealings. Always seeking ways to grow and learn.
* Not a professional seamstress, but knows how to sew a button or repair a seam.
* Has compassion for the poor and less privileged. Has a heart of charity and love.
* Chooses quality over quantity. Is prepared for the winter (difficult times) and makes wise purchases.
* Respects and prays for her husband. Supports him publicly.
* Has the ability to manage business and/or self-employment opportunity.
* Has strength and dignity about herself. She is confident and trusts in God for all things.
* Speaks words of wisdom. Is trusted by others to give sound advice.
* She is aware of what is happening in her household. She is not lazy or slothful.
* She is respected and trusted by her husband and her children.
* More concerned with integrity and inner beauty, than physical beauty. But keeps herself well-maintained.
* Others compliment her on her character, talents, and integrity.

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