Thursday, April 1, 2010

The date

Ok, many of you wonder what happened. I will tell you - life! Lots of work and the balance was not all there. So, sorry, the blog suffered. We are back! Basketball is down to the final four. One of the teams is Butler! BUTLER - who picked them for the final four? Many will want them to win, as they seem to be the underdog. I would love to see them knock off a Duke or West Virginia. That would be an awesome story. In today's society, we see the same underdog. Marriage. 51% of all marriages end in divorce. Marriage is an underdog. Why do they end that way? Simple. TIME. We stop putting the time in to make our relationship the best it can be. I know trying to get 90 minutes a day can be rough, but it can also keep you in the game. God wants us to love our wives as He loves the church. He was willing to die for the church! He gave His all. You need to look at your spouse and love them with everything you have today. The importance of what you are doing is more than you will ever understand. I wonder if Satan has a bracket for all the people getting married? Satan does not want you to make it. If he can control your time, then he can make sure you do not stay close to each other. How do we make sure we are spending our time right?
1. God first. If He is first - then put Him in the morning. How can you be the spouse you need to be, when you have not talked to God and heard from His word. So get up and get in spiritual shape first! Then, you can work out or whatever!!
2. Family. You must make sure you family knows how important they are. Men, your wife is glad you work, but needs YOU! They need you to fill their love tank daily! M90X is designed for you to have time everyday to love them. We will spend 8 - 10 hours at work. Making all this money so that they can have all the toys and gadgets, when all they really need is YOU.
3. Work. Overworked and underpaid. I have heard that many times. It seems you are putting in 45 - 52 hours a week and no one seems to appreciate it. Why do you put that time in? Your job has a tendency to take your family over. It becomes more important then they do. Do not let that happen. Keep things in perspective. Use your money wisely, then maybe you can have some left over and not have to take that overtime!

OK, assignment for April... Date night. Take your spouse on a date. Ask the waitress to order for you. Give her your budget and tell her to surprise you. Then, while at the table ask a couple of question - would you rather: live in Alaska or Hawaii, fold clothes or vacuum, make the bed or watch sports...... just come up with a couple of these to get things going. Hold hands while you wait. There is nothing like seeing couple holding hands and looking into each others eyes. Keep the passion alive! Give God your best! Post what the waitress orders you and how it all went! Remember, the food is not the issues it is the time with each other!

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